Pre-Order I Am Loved Journal
Pre-Order I Am Loved Journal
Pre-Order I Am Loved Journal
Pre-Order I Am Loved Journal

Pre-Order I Am Loved Journal

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  • Increased Happiness and Positive Mood
  • Stronger Sense of Purpose & Direction
  • Empowerment to be the BEST version of yourself

We know you're waiting with bated breath for the newest designs, so we are making sure that your wish comes true. The PRE ORDER is available - Ships December 15th!


Embrace your uniqueness and individuality with this motivational journal that will help you grab the reins of self-love, self-awareness, and love you deserve. We all want to feel loved, but when was the last time you made yourself a priority? And when was the last time you told yourself how much someone in your life loves or cares about you in words instead of actions? It doesn't matter what type of journey in life you are on, we all deserve to feel loved.

Love Yourself Journal Edition is here to remind us why we're so beautifully different and that we are worthy of receiving and giving love no matter what. Each week you will have the opportunity to engage in self care check in prompts, affirmations, gratitidues, and daily self love challenges. 

Every day has the potential to be a turning point in someone's life, so do what you can to ensure it is for yours.

Create a better lifestyle for yourself by finding your true self.

Stay motivated and focused on your goals with the help of this book!

Write affirmations to get in the mindset of success, every day!

Don't just take our word for it


I’m not one to write a review unless it blows me out of the water, and here I am!


I’ve never been more encouraged to stay committed to growth consistently.

Caleb B

As an MS survivor and mom of two little girls, this journal reminds me to prioritize me, daily.

Michelle M.

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