The Affirmed Purpose Co. was created with YOU in mind. Your growth. Your development. Your purpose. Your story. Your breakthrough. Everything we do leads back to the following three pillars of ours: Dig Deep, Discover, and Develop. We believe that you will be impacted by our products and their prompts to help you become the best version of yourself no matter what your role in life is. 



Affirmed Purpose exists to encourage people from all backgrounds to dig deep within themselves, discover their purpose, and develop that purpose. We want to see more people in the world living purposeful lives. 


Our journals provide 30 days of prompts to help affirm your purpose and help you grow. You will see prompts, daily and weekly, that empower you to improve the overall health of every area in your life such as relational, physical, emotional, financial, mental, spiritual, etc. Each prompt only requires 10-15 minutes of your day. These can be done in the morning or night. By journaling for 30 days and creating a healthy habit, you invest in yourself, your purpose and your happiness.